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Pickleball Clinic with Suzee Anderson

December 21, 2019 @ 9:00am | 12:00pm | 3:00pm
This is your chance to learn the techniques and mechanics that will take your Pickleball game to the next level with three clinic sessions targeted for advancing 3.0 up to 4.0 players. Suzee offers personalized instruction and feedback to each participant, throughout each of her clinics. See for yourself!


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Coach Suzee Anderson

Suzee Anderson is a Certified PPR Pickleball Teaching Professional and a touring Pro Player.  She has played pickleball for the last 6 years and has played all over the United States and Europe.  Suzee is a US Open and USAPA Nationals Medalist as well as a medalist in many regional and local tournaments. 

As a coach, Suzee teaches body mechanics to promote balance and control from the non-volley zone to the baseline. She is widely known for her focus on advanced strategies and ball control.  Suzee has a tremendous passion for the sport and loves seeing her students grow and succeed.

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Clinic Details

The following three clinics are available, each with a different emphasis.  Clinics will be held at the Pleasant Grove Rec Center (Directions below)

    • 9-11am – Kitchen Play:
      Learn when and how to block, attack/counter attack and lob from the no volley zone.
    • 12-2pm – Court Positioning & Game Strategy:
      Learn how to move effectively with your partner, how to cover your portion of the court efficiently, learn strategy in shot selection and placement.
    • 3-5pm Transition Zone:
      Learn when and how to hit third shot drops and drives as well as overhead smash mechanics and successful lob retrieval.

Three indoor courts will be set up side by side allowing Suzee to monitor those participating at a high level while providing participants with direct, just-in-time feedback.

For only $59 you get to spend 2 hours with world-class pickleball coach, Suzee Anderson. You will walk away having a better understanding of pickleball mechanics and strategy and what you personally can do to improve your game.

Plan to arrive early and be ready 10 min before your session start time.

Group Size
  • Limited to 12 participants per clinic
  • Small groups allow for more intimate instruction
  • Individual feedback from Suzee Anderson

Each session will be divided into 2 sections of focus

  • 5 minutes:
    Warm up & Welcome
  • 25 minutes:
    Instruction & Drilling
  • 25 minutes:
    Coached Live Play, Q&A, and Video Recording
  • 10 minutes:
  • 25 minutes:
    Instruction & Drilling
  • 25 minutes:
    Coached Live Play, Q&A, and Video Recording
  • Play with more confidence
  • Learn shot mechanics
  • Learn the right drills to practice
  • Handouts to help retain your new skills

Pickleball Clinic

$59/ session

  • 2 hours of instruction
  • Skills Instructions
  • Drill Instructions
  • Personalized Instructor Feedback
  • Live Play with Instructor Feedback

Select Your Sessions:

Video Analysis Add-on


  • Only $19 extra
  • Watch yourself play
  • 5 min of live play video
  • Synchronous audio analysis & critique
  • Written feedback analysis with suggested drills and strategies
  • Feedback delivered within 3 days

Get in Touch

Our goal is to ensure you have an experience far beyond the small sum you spend to attend this intimate clinic. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve!